People pleaser guilt

Since my last post on my photography struggles, I have still been struggling to lock something down for Isaac’s first year photos.

I was finally in touch with a great photographer who was willing to work with me on a package and responded to my emails promptly…that is until I was ready to lock in a date and give her my money. A month went by and I even sent a follow up email with more specific dates and still no reply. I was so frustrated! Am I doing something wrong that no one is responding to me in a timely manner or are my expectations just too high?

Frustrated, I aired my grievances to a fellow board member of a service organization I am a member of. She just so happens to do photography on the side and was more than happy to set up a time to shoot my Little Man’s three month photos. Within a week, I had sample photos from her and we’d booked a time.

Well, today I received an email from the previously mentioned photographer wanting to schedule a time. Seriously!?! So, I emailed her back tonight and politely said I had made other arrangements for the three month photos, but would like to set something up for the six month photos in March. I hit send and immediately felt guilty! Guilty that I didn’t wait just a bit longer before going an alternate direction. Guilty that she went to all that work to accommodate my needs and then I backed out.

Grrr, so frustrating! In the end I am getting what I want and am so excited, but still feel guilty….and will likely make up for my feelings of guilt by spending way too much money in March!


2 responses to “People pleaser guilt”

  1. buntens says :

    You’re not even the middle child! Why the People Pleaser Guilt?! You should NOT feel guilty about the 1st photographer’s inability to respond to you in a timely manner. You can always use her for the next session – maybe she’ll have her act together by then!

  2. Karen says :

    I agree with buntens. You did nothing wrong – the first photographer is in a business and needs to be able to respond promptly to inquiries. As the customer, you have the ability to make the best decision for you – not for the business owner that doesn’t understand basic business rules.

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