Isaac: One Week Update

Wow, hard to believe our Little Man entered the world a week ago. It’s been quite the sleepless ride so far. Such an adjustment figuring out how it all works AND recovering myself. My mom has been helping this week, which is awesome. I’m also proud to say I didn’t actually change a diaper until Saturday…Josh has been a wonderful daddy!

In Monday Isaac had a check-up from the Mercy home visit program and we’re proud to report that he’s gained 4oz and 1/2 an inch in length. Our Little Man is definitely an eater!

I broke several blood vessels in my eyes during the whole pushing thing, so I’ve been a little hesitant on taking photos. My goal for this week is definitely some momma and baby boy pictures.

Although challenging, we are enjoying every moment of the ride!


3 responses to “Isaac: One Week Update”

  1. Susan Strauss says :

    He is a beautiful baby. Best wishes to all of you. (And try to catch a nap when he is sleeping…it really helps). Susan

  2. Jane says :

    Hang in there! Sleep whenever baby sleeps!

  3. Stephanie says :

    Oh Jayne, he looks wonderful. Way to go, Isaac (and Momma) – grow, grow, grow! Keep Josh handling those diapers – you’re in charge of input, he’s in charge of output! Take care of yourself – you just survived the most challenging physical activity you’ll probably ever do!

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