Yes, nesting has begun

Josh is finding humor in this last ‘phase’ of pregnancy before the Little Man’s big arrival…I am nesting!

It started innocently as wanting to clean a few things in preparation for having no time to clean for a while. So, I scrubbed floors, dusted, wiped down door frames and baseboards. Innocent has turned into a beast. I scrubbed the kitchen sink, wiped down shelves in the fridge, and organized the linen closet (I even purchased new baskets!) and under the sink. Even the dog could not escape my cleaning ways…she AND her bedding received a good cleaning.


Today, I detailed the car. Washed inside and out. Vacuumed, windexed…the whole shebang! All of this just to install the carseat base.


Bags are packed too, so I think we’re ready to go! Now, if only I were this ready at work for the Little Man’s arrival!



2 responses to “Yes, nesting has begun”

  1. buntens says :

    If you don’t stop moving around so much that baby’s going to come out before you want it to!

  2. Karen says :

    My house could use some ‘nesting’ activities!

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