I think I offended a photographer – eek!

stock-photo-10580070-photo-studioI’ve been on the hunt for a local photographer to capture the Little Man’s exciting first year, starting with newborn photos. I haven’t used a professional photographer since our wedding (10 years ago!) so I’m a little out of touch, especially in our current area. I received a few recommendations from friends and have been sending out pricing inquiries and realizing that this is going to cost us a small fortune…for just the basics! I’ve had bad experiences at the mall studios, so I’m avoiding those all together.

After the sticker shock, I debated against a photographer and thought about trying to capture my own memories, but quickly talked myself out of that. I knew I’d look  back on the Little Man’s first year and be so disappointed in myself for either not getting pictures taken at all or doing a terrible job. So, while waiting to hear back from one photographer on her pricing, I decided to negotiate a little with another. I offered to commit to a newborn session AND a baby’s first year package and in exchange asked if she could waive the session fee for the newborn shoot. It’s been three days and I have not heard from her.

Was it wrong of me to try and negotiate a little? I sure hope I’m just being paranoid because I was really leaning toward using this particular photographer…just trying to save $100!


4 responses to “Confession…”

  1. Grandma K. says :

    I’ve heard/read that some financial advisers say there is nothing wrong with bargaining or negotiating for services – may often save you some money.

  2. Mom Oz says :

    Agree with Grandma K. Maybe she’s on vacation.

  3. Karen says :

    I would think any person running their own small business would welcome the conversation – some business is better than no business. And she can always say no. She probably is on vacation like Mom Oz said, or otherwise busy.

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