Baby O Update

I haven’t really taken (or shared) any maternity photos and really lacked in sharing pregnancy updates. So, at the prompting of a friend here’s an update for you. These are pretty horrible self-portraits taken in the restroom at work, but they are way better than the photos Josh takes of me…trust me.

Portland Trip - 29 Weeks

Portland Trip – 29 Weeks

32 Weeks

32 Weeks

33 weeks, 6 days

33 weeks, 6 days

I’m ending my 33rd week with a road trip to Des Moines this weekend. This also marks the last time I can travel over 1.5 hours until after the baby is born. Seriously, where did the time go?!


  • I have turned into a furnace – always hot, even the past couple of weeks when it’s been gorgeous outside.
  • The Little Man hiccups – a lot – feeling that more the last couple weeks.
  • He’s very active and I’ve been noticing his sleep/wake patterns recently.
  • Feet are swelling – BUT I can still see them!
  • Nights are not pleasant. By the end of the day my body hurts (mostly back) and I have a hard time finding a comfortable sleep position. (I finally had a good night’s sleep last night, first this week…victory!!)
  • We started child birth classes a couple of weeks ago and this week we toured the maternity ward.
  • The nursery is ready, but I’m not ready at work.
  • Daycare is all lined up and right down the street!
  • I’m working on finding a photographer for newborn/baby’s first year sessions – it’s EXPENSIVE!
  • George was not on our name list, but we have narrowed the names to two…but we’re not telling. Could be a game day decision.

I think that about covers it. My final weeks will be spent frantically prepping at work, cleaning the house, last minute prep (washing items, basement changing station, etc), and packing my bag. I’ll get some nursery shots posted soon…lookin’ good if I do say so myself!



2 responses to “Baby O Update”

  1. Grandma K. says :

    Lookin’ Good! And I like your new haircut. It must feel so different. And don’t neglect Josh during the uncomfortable count-down . . . . . . .

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