The dreaded maternity shopping

I’m slowly reaching the point where I can’t wear many of the clothes in my closet, especially my dresses. I finally decided it was time to hit the mall in search of at least one dress option for work. It’s a super busy time of year for me, with some traveling so I want to look and feel good and not frumpalicious.

Mall maternity shopping was a complete bust, very disappointing. Old Navy had next to nothing and Motherhood (which I went into with much hesitation) was not my cup of tea. Lesson learned, stick with online shopping.

Plan B – I hit up my favorite non-maternity stops, Gap and Loft. And score at Loft.

I really wanted this, but they didn’t have my size:


So I settled on these two (40% off, BTW!)…after MUCH debate at home (sorry Josh) and many texts to my brother (who tells the brutal truth)…identical cotton dresses, just different patterns. A little bit big now, but will be perfect mid-summer:

                                                                                                                           stripe                                                      yellow

Today, I broke out the yellow dress. After a quick text and seal of approval from my brother, I’m feeling pretty good today!

Yes, this picture is taken in the bathroom at work!

Yes, this picture is taken in the bathroom at work!


2 responses to “The dreaded maternity shopping”

  1. cbunten says :

    Are those maternity dresses? How come the models don’t have big prego bellies?

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