mac&cheeseFrom about the beginning of my body being taken over by a tiny human, my eating habits have changed. Not drastically really, but enough. It’s bizarre and facinating at the same time how much this tiny human can affect your body…it’s only the size of a kiwi right now!

My current loves are: macaroni & cheese and mexican. I’ll eat other foods just fine, but these are really my true loves right now (I could eat them all day every day). I’m not running toward sweets or crazy pickle cravings either. Maybe that comes later. Note: I’m shoveling in a bowl of mac & cheese for lunch as I type this.

Snacking: I have the all day sickness (much worse at night), so I now eat a little snack every couple of hours. I actually carry food in my purse too…wouldn’t want to get hungry! The bedtime snack seems to be the most important. Keeps me full most of the night so I’m not feeling so sick in the morning. I’m currently in the mood for Whitey’s vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup. Note: I just texted Josh to pick Whitey’s up on his way home!

What’s really odd to me, though, is how something (like canadian bacon and pineapple pizza) can sound really good, then it arrives on my plate, I take one bite, and can’t eat another!

I realize the ‘fun’ is only just beginning when it comes to foods and cravings. I just hope that my favorite food (mac & cheese) stays my favorite food in September. AND that the weight doesn’t pile on!


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