What a Ride!

If I had a Bucket List, I’m pretty sure this would be on it!

I missed yesterday’s Hawkeye home game to do this:

As part of a project for work we wanted to capture an updated aerial photo of our Hawkeye athletic campus. It’s been 25 years since the last photo was taken and a lot has changed.

It was no easy feat securing permission to fly near Kinnick Stadium on game day, but we received the appropriate waivers and avoided the flyover to capture some great photos of the athletic facilities. I was VERY fortunate to be able to join the pilot and photographer (I did a little photographic assistance!) and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take some of my own photos!

Pentacrest and Old Capitol, heart of the UI Campus:

Rock quarry:




Coralville Reservoir, dam, and spillway:

My office, the big white building, and Hancher Auditorium:


Anxious to see images the REAL photographer captured!


One response to “What a Ride!”

  1. Mike says :

    Holy crap that’s awesome!

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