Wardrobe Blahs

The blahs usually hit my about twice a year, fall and spring, when all the new cute ‘it’ items for the season come out and I want approximately all of them. This year I feel like the blahs have hit me even harder. Not only did I get the urge to splurge on some cute ‘it’ items, but this year I ended up purging a bunch of closet items because they were too worn, damaged, or I just never wore them. This left some giant holes in my closet, especially in the area of transitional work items. I’ve got cardigans coming out my ears, but sometimes a girl just doesn’t want a cardigan! And do they make dresses with sleeves anymore?!

As I began browsing my favorite sites I noticed I was really drawn to the blouses! Something completely new (and grown-up) to add to my closet. Great on its own or layered up, cute with jeans and professional for work. Here are my favorites:

Gold Blouse from the Loft:


Teal Blouse from the Loft:


Short sleeve blouse from Banana Republic:


Pleated blouse from Piperlime:


Stripes from Piperlime:


Polka dots from Piperlime:


Zigzag from Piperlime (my fav and the most expensive, of course!):


I’ve also been eyeballing blazers to maybe add one into the mix. Could work as a fall jacket, pairs nicely with jeans, and also works in the professional world.

Loving this striped version from the Loft. Of course, it’s sold out online.


Also like this classic gray flannel from Banana Republic


This is what I’ve got my eyes on now. Don’t get me started on shoes (t-strap heels, riding boots…), oh and colored trousers and jeans. Oh dear….

What’s on your fall clothing wish list?


One response to “Wardrobe Blahs”

  1. Grandma K. says :

    All of the above! Guess I have to go online – I went to Macy’s recently, traipsed all over and didn’t find any tops as pretty as those. Gets pretty hard for Grandmas to find just the ‘right’ clothes anymore.

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