Month 23: Locks of Love Challenge

I haven’t posted anything on the status of my hair since January…wow time flies! I think part of the reason was that deep down I knew my hair really hadn’t changed that much, so why update you on the centimeter of difference my hair saw.

I had Josh take a picture this morning and, not gonna lie, I was a little discouraged by the small change in my hair length since JANUARY! I do get my hair trimmed every 12-18 weeks, but still…these last couple of inches are going to take for-e-ver.

My new long locks are kind of growing on my, but the 10 inches will come off and I won’t cry about it. I haven’t quite decided if I’ll go back to my chin-length bob after I donate or if I’ll grow it out once more. My brother says I look more mature with longer hair. Thoughts??


2 responses to “Month 23: Locks of Love Challenge”

  1. Shanyn says :


    I’ve donated my hair twice now and got a little impatient the second time, so my new “do” was much shorter than I’ve ever had it! My philosophy has always been, it grows back and usually it also grows on you (figuratively). I find donating my hair is a fun way to play around with different lengths. I usually leave it short for 6-12 months and then decide to start the whole process over again!

    You may want to look into donating your hair to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths program for a few reasons. 1) they take 8″ instead of 10″, and 2) Locks of Love was is trouble with the Better Business Bureau a few years back for selling the hair that had been donated rather than using it to make wigs like they tout. Not sure if this is still true today, but something to consider! Happy growing!!

  2. Karen says :

    Your hair looks great now…even if it isn’t as long as you want.

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