Josh the Hoarder?!

There are a couple of boxes in our house that we have moved at least twice and both moves Josh refuses to go through them and purge. And, I’m pretty sure he hasn’t opened any of them in at least two years.

Today I chose to go through and purge one of those boxes…the most ridiculous of them all.


It’s not just a boxes of CD cases, it’s a box of EMPTY CD cases. He’s got the CDs stored in those zippered case things, but can’t seem to let go of those cases.

It’s now sitting on top of the trash can ready for Thursday morning pick-up!

PS- I believe he also still has a case of cassette tapes that he can’t let go of either and he hasn’t listened to them in at least 10 years!


2 responses to “Josh the Hoarder?!”

  1. pa says :

    My empty jewel boxes are in a rack, not a box. I understand son but I am close to getting rid of mine unless you would like them

  2. buntens says :

    I sold a tote of CD’s (approximately 120) at my last garage sale for $15. Still have a few lingering around the house. Seems like they’ll never totally go away!

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