Food Stash

At work I have a cupboard devoted to holding my food stash…aka extra food when the munchies strike and in case I forget (or am to lazy to run out and grab something) breakfast or lunch. In addition, I also keep forks and plates stocked…those can be hard to come by sometimes.

Food Stash

Before you get all judgy on me and start assuming the worst about that giant bag of peanut M&M’s…I also have a fully stocked bowl of peanut M&M’s on my desk to share. It’s the fastest way to make friends! And, surprisingly, I don’t dip my hand in there very often.

Candy Bowl

I can’t be the only one with a food stash…what’s in your stash?




2 responses to “Food Stash”

  1. Grandma K. says :

    Cookies – lotsa cookies.

  2. buntens says :

    I had Luna bars, chocolate covered pretzels (100-calorie pkgs) in my stash. Now I have drinking flavoring packets and soup at hand’s. Boring. My stash was making me a little pudgy so I had to revisit my inventory.

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