Outdoor Lighting Options

Now that I’m updating the shutters, I’m ready to update the lighting…and boy are there a lot options!

We’ve got three fixtures to replace around the garage doors. Here’s a look at the current lighting:


And a close-up:


Man are there a lot of options for fixtures! Here is what I’ve narrowed it down to so far:


Option 1: from Lowes and is actually a flush mount fixture. The price is right, but not sure it’s substantial enough.

Option 2: from Lowes. I like the simple design and the seeded glass. It’s a little pricey and I also wonder how sturdy the glass part is.

Option 3: from Lighting Direct. Another affordable option.

Option 4: from Bellacor. Similar to the third option, affordable, and I like that there isn’t a glass bulb or covering so I don’t have to worry about it breaking. I think this is my favorite.

Option 5: from Lowes again and another affordable option. Not my favorite, but has a little bit more substance than some of the others which might be good for the size of the house.

Option 6: from Lowes and probably my least favorite. In fact, each time I see it I like it less and less. It’s probably been crossed off already!

Okay folks, time to weigh in and tell me what you think. What is your favorite, did I miss the mark and need to keep searching? Anxious to read your comments!


2 responses to “Outdoor Lighting Options”

  1. Grandma K. says :

    The current fixtures look good to me.

  2. Julie M says :

    You’ve probably already decided, but I love #1! 🙂

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