Weekend Wedding

I fully intended to get a picture of my final wedding outfit, but it never happened! All I managed to snag at the wedding was a poor quality self-portrait of the mister and me and it shows nothing of my outfit.


There was just never a good opportunity. I wasn’t ready when Josh went to get the babysitter, then it was time to leave. It didn’t seem appropriate to strike a pose in the church parking lot as the bride & groom were leaving, so I thought I could find an opportunity outside the reception hall…nope. Plan C was to capture the outfit at the end of the night before going to bed.

What I didn’t plan for was Josh REALLY enjoying himself, and not being awake after I took the sitter home. The man even danced to some Michael Jackson and the Electric Slide! If you’re friends with him on Facebook you can catch the video footage of him. I can’t figure out how to add it to my wall yet.

I did make an attempt to capture a self-portrait in the bathroom mirror, but it’s not pretty:


What an epic blog failure!


One response to “Weekend Wedding”

  1. Vicki Oswald says :

    The picture of you and Dale Jr. shows your outfit!

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