Favorite iPad Apps…so far!

It’s only been a couple of weeks, but I’m loving my new sidekick iPad 2! The only thing that would make it more perfect would be if I had wireless access ALL/everywhere the time…but really, who needs to be connected at every second?!

So far, my favorite apps have been:

  • Flipboard: your online, custom built, magazine. Flipboard lets you build in the information/news/features/recipes/blogs, etc that you want to see all in one place. Things like technology news, world news, Parents Magazine, Rachel Zoe Report, Epicurius, Dwell, and the list goes on. You can also link to your Twitter and Facebook accounts to see everything in one location. Best part…it’s FREE! Thanks go to my stepdad for introducing this nifty app to me.
  • icookbook: your online cookbook. A cookbook/recipe holder was one of the main reasons I really wanted an iPad and this one is pretty great. You have access instantly to over 2,000 recipes, can download a free set of recipes each month, and they have a storefront so you can purchase a ton more recipes. You can build a menu/meal planner, grocery list, and you can add your own recipes (with pictures) to the app. Cost was $4.99, but I think it was worth it. Only wish it were a little easier to add my own recipes, but it doesn’t take THAT long to type in everything.
  • Weather Channel: Because weather is just cool and the radar view is pretty neat. FREE!
  • WordPress: Duh, so I can blog anywhere. FREE!
  • Pandora:  Only wish it plugged into my ipod/iphone docking station. FREE!
  • Remote: I can use it on Apple TV and can change, pause, and monitor what’s being watched via Apple TV at all times. Best part, when a show is over, I don’t have to go downstairs to put on a new one, I can just switch it from wherever I am in the house. FREE!
  • NickJr Draw & Play: Haven’t actually offered this one up yet for use, but I can imagine it will be a lifesaver at some point. Drawing and animation all in one with Dora, Diego, Umizoomi, and Bubble Guppies. Animated stickers, magic wand, fireworks, and more. Plus, you can share the artwork via email and Facebook. Cost was $3.99.
  • Netflix: Another duh…if you stream Netflix, then it’s a no-brainer to get this. I watched an episode of Weeds last night in bed like I was reading a book and it was pretty great. FREE!

All you iPad owners out there…what am I missing? What app can’t you live without?


One response to “Favorite iPad Apps…so far!”

  1. cbunten says :

    Doodle Find is a fun & free game!

    Don’t get Facebook Friendly.

    That’s all. I don’t use our iPad much.

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