Potty Talk

We are struggling with bed wetting…and I need a little advice.

What’s a good age to start the potty chart and is it even a good idea?

I’m thinking of starting one specifically for rewarding not wetting the bed at night. If I reward the mornings the pull-up isn’t wet, then maybe it will sink in to wake up at night to go potty AND that it’s not okay to go potty in the pull-up. (I received a couple of it’s “okay to go potty in these” comments when I purchased the pull-ups)  Is it really appropriate to do potty rewarding for being dry in the morning? I know it’s just a phase and will resolve as time goes on and night time wetting isn’t really something a toddler can control if they sleep right through.

Maybe I’m thinking too much about it. Thoughts, advice…anything??


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