Who Knew…

We’ve been married for nearly nine years now and actually been together for about 15 years. So it comes a little by surprise that I’m still learning new things about Josh.

For instance, after sharing the same bread for nine years, I finally learn a couple of weeks ago that he doesn’t like the wheat bread and hamburger/hotdog buns I’ve been buying all these years. AND he didn’t actually fess up to it until I asked him why he bought Wonder Bread at the store…first he blamed it on our house guests!

I didn’t have white bread growing up, so I’ve never really been a fan,  but to keep the ‘piece,’ we will have two flavors of bread in the house from now on and I’d hate to stand in the way of the man’s happiness!


2 responses to “Who Knew…”

  1. Mom Oz says :

    Josh’s Wonder Bread craze must have started in college!

  2. Josh says :

    Funny enough, but I ate Buttertop Wheat bread in college!


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