It’s Dora & Diego at the Oswalds!

Lately, our evenings have consisted of Dora, Diego, Yo Gabba Gabba and the like. Well, I exaggerate a little because we have been taking full advantage of streaming Netflix on the computer so that we can watch adult TV. I’m pretty sure I should buy stock in streaming Netflix!

It’s also not unusual for Josh and I to text each other throughout the day with such phrases as, “Backpack, backpack.” or “Ahh, rescue pack, gonna get the rescue pack!” or (my favorite) “Swiper no swiping. Oh mannn!” All those phrases and more stuck in our brain permanently.

Over my lunch hour today, I’m hitting Barnes & Noble to try to find a couple more Dora books so that bedtime isn’t the same Dora book read three times!

It is fun to have little giggles in the house though!


2 responses to “It’s Dora & Diego at the Oswalds!”

  1. Kelly A. says :

    Very cute! I think we have a few Dora books if your guest would like to borrow them!

  2. Cindy says :

    Backpack: “Yum, yum, yum,DELICIOSO!”

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