My hard boiled egg plight

I have struggled for years to properly boil an egg so that it peels without sending me into WWIII over a silly little egg. The shell cracks into tiny pieces, or, in an effort to peel the shell the top layer of egg white comes off, or the whole egg breaks in half….any one of those instances causes me to throw the egg away in frustration and I start fresh. I always end up boiling a couple of extras, because an egg does, invariably, get the best of me!

I’ve tried all of these tricks and cooking methods to no avail:

  • Add eggs to boiling water
  • Place eggs in a single layer, cover with water and boil
  • Place eggs in single layer, cover with water, boil 1 minutes, cover and remove from heat
  • Add salt to the water
  • Add vinegar to the water
  • Peel immediately after cooking
  • Refrigerate for 1 day, then peel

Nothing seems to work. I would have given up by now if I didn’t so love egg salad sandwiches.

Anyone have a tried and true method? What’s the secret to easily peeling a hard boiled egg? Help me please!


3 responses to “My hard boiled egg plight”

  1. Carol Klein says :

    This is my method that seems to work MOST of the time:

    Make a hole in the big end of the egg – I use a push pin
    Dump some salt in a pan of water and heat until it boils
    Drop in eggs – I use a tablespoon
    Bring water back to boiling, stirring eggs around a bit
    Turn heat down, maybe to medium, to barely simmer (so that it isn’t a hard boil), give it a stir once in a while
    Cook for 15 minutes
    Empty out hot water – fill pan with ice cubes (over eggs), then add cold water to cover

  2. Karen says :

    I put in a teaspoon or so of baking soda.

  3. Jane says :

    Start with eggs that have been refrigerated for several days (more than a week is best). NEW EGGS WILL NOT PEEL EASILY.
    After boiling let the eggs sit in very cold water until the eggs are completely cool which helps the papery membrane stick to the shell, instead of to the egg, and makes the egg easier to peel.
    I think these are the two most important things. Let me know if it works for you!

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