Digging in the dirt

The plants that I order last fall for our new flower bed arrived on Friday and I’m frantically trying to get the ground ready to plant them before they die sitting in their box. Monday night I did the hard work.

First, I used a tape measure and spray paint to measure and mark where I wanted the garden. It sits at the corner of our front yard and before the sidewalk, so I wanted it to look even and centered. Being the perfectionist that I am, I actually lined up the center of the bed with the corner where the sidewalks meet!

Plotting to new bed

Then, I took our long handled shovel and created the edge of the garden, lifting up the grass/weeds from the soil as I went along. After I dig out all the green stuff (grass, weeds, etc), I’ll go back and even out the edges.


 Finally, I  began digging out the green stuff . I cut away little sections of green stuff at a time, starting at the edges where I had already loosened up everything. It was a tough job and I ended Monday only getting half the bed cleared.


Josh finished clearing the rest of it on Tuesday night. Tonight we’re tilling in some black dirt (we still have lots of clay instead of rich, black top soil) and I’ll get those plants into the ground!


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