Undiscovered Treasure

Josh and I say over and over again that FW Kent Park, just a few short miles from Tiffin is the hidden wonder of Johnson County. A great selection of trails, good sized lake, sandy beach, plenty of picnic areas, and camping. Just a fun place to explore with family. This last weekends trip re-affirmed that belief.

We took Zoey and her weekend buddy Leo out for a trail walk Saturday morning and it was great! We were in search of a smaller, off the beaten path trail to avoid run-ins with other park goers…so we could (gasp!) let the dogs off leash for a bit. We found the perfect trail on the website map that was not quite one mile.

Some how we missed that trail and ended up at the new conservation education center and the trail that surrounds the center. The trail is actually a half mile Ecosystem Trail. At the beginning is a brochure that explains the 18 different stops along the way. Each stop is labeled with a numbered stake (see picture below) and the brochure explains what is at each stop. From the native trees, grasses, and flowers, to the wetlands. Very interesting and I’m sure later in the year when plants are flourishing it would be even more neat. A fun adventure to take kids on.

The dogs had a great time and were good and tired the rest of the day.


One response to “Undiscovered Treasure”

  1. buntens says :

    Sounds like a good trail to take a bunch of Girl Scouts on, too! Thanks again for letting Leo stay with you for the long weekend! He’s still tired!

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