Mission: Search and Destroy

Zoey’s personality (and the fact that she’s part collie…we think) requires that she have a mission or job in life. Zoey’s mission in life is to play. Since we can’t possibly play with her all the time, we have supplied her with several ‘alone’ toys. These are toys that she must play by herself with…Josh and I will not throw them, or play tug with them or anything. She has a few standard alone toys that we always have, mean kitty, lobster, and busy bee. I can usually find the identical toy at Target or Petco and just swap it out when one gets worn out.

One of her staple toys, when new, comes with a squeeker and lots of stuffing. Goal number one for Zoey is to find the squeeker and destroy it. Don’t worry, she doesn’t eat the stuffing or squeeker, but violently pulls them out and tosses them to the side. This doesn’t take that long and some don’t even survive the initial destroy phase. The two pictures below are from very weak toys that didn’t make it past the destroy phase.

Once stuffing and squeeker are gone, these beloved ‘alone toys’ look like this-close to death-for quite a while:

These 2 are currently referred to as 'Mean Kitties'

She’ll play with them forever, or until we throw them away and replace it with something new. It’s like torture for dog toys.

My mission, and my mom has joined the fun, is to find a Zoey-Proof toy that she can’t obliterate. Hasn’t happened yet, but we’ll keep trying!


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