Month 16: Locks of Love

Nothing much to report, things are going well and I’m having fun with my long locks once I figured out how to use the curling iron again.

After comparing todays picture with the one from October, it doesn’t seem like much has changed. Oh well, I guess the longer it gets the harder it is to see a difference. I’m still struggling to get my shorter layers grown out, but it looks less mulletish.

It is MUCH more fun to look at the comparison between now and when I started:

I’m getting close, just a few more inches. Oh how I miss my ‘bob!’


2 responses to “Month 16: Locks of Love”

  1. buntens says :

    #1: it NEVER looked mullet-ish!

    #2: I think hair doesn’t grow as fast once it hits a certain length. But then again, I’m no hair-expert!

    #3: How come you never use your curling iron on your hair to come and see me?

  2. Alyssa says :

    Wow! It is long!

    I thought of you the other day and was going to email you but I got busy and forgot. So I was at the gas station and there were two customers in front of me. The customer at the counter dropped a $5 bill so the guy next to me said, “Ma’am. Ma’am. You dropped some money.” The customer (clearly a man with long hair) turned around with the saddest look on his face. The guy quickly apologized for calling the man a woman. The man then smiled and said that he grows his hair out into a long pony tail and then donates to Locks of Love. The guy didn’t really know what he was talking about but I chimed in and commended the man on his good deed and told him that my friend was doing the same. He had the most beautiful black hair and I thought about what a pretty wig that would make. Your hair is gorgeous and will do the same!

    Kudos to you, Friend. 🙂

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