Inexpensive Art

The blank spot above the fireplace has been staring me down for quite a while now. It’s large enough that I can’t figure out exactly what I want to do and to get a large art piece is rather expensive, so I’ve just left it blank. I knew if I waited long enough and looked at enough inspiration photos that an idea would eventually come my way…and it did!

I was browsing on Pinterest and stumbled on a canvas do-it-yourself project someone had posted. She had found an image of deer silhouettes on istock, printed and cut them out, then spray painted them on a canvas. Josh is always joking that he wanted to put a deer mount above the fireplace, so it was perfect! Still trying to decide if I’ll hang it or keep it resting on the mantle…I’m leaning more and more toward hanging it a bit higher.

The project was very simple and inexpensive. I picked up a 30″ x 40″ canvas at Hobby Lobby for $19 (40% off coupon!), purchased the graphic for $18, and used a sample quart of paint I had on hand.

I printed each silhouette out on a separate sheet of cardstock so that I could arrange them how I wanted. After cutting them out, I used painters tape on the back side to secure to the canvas, then just rolled on 2 coats of paint. I peeled off the cutouts before the paint dried. Easy enough! It’s not perfect, and some of the paint did bleed through a little, but I’m okay with a little imperfection.


One response to “Inexpensive Art”

  1. Alyssa says :

    Cute! I’m doing a silhouette project for my bedroom….with cats. 🙂

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