Plants Ordered

In an effort to encourage spring to arrive a bit sooner, I placed my spring plant order today.

In the spring we will be creating a new planting bed in the front corner of our yard where  it’s a little empty and we just can’t seem to beat the weeds. Michigan Bulbs makes it super easy with their pre-made beds (plans/dimensions included!) depending on what type of garden you are looking for. I love it, it just takes the guesswork out of everything. I wanted something that would look good throughout the year and would do okay in full sun, so we chose the grass garden. Because it will be visible from all sides and not in the corner of our house or up against a fence (as shown in the picture), I did order a few extra plants to round things out.

Bonus: we received $40 promotional discount for spending over $80!

What I love most about ordering plants out of a catalog (my favorites are Michigan Bulb and Spring Hill) is that you can order anytime and they ship them when it’s planting time in your zone (Iowa is Zone 5). And the plants are always in great shape and super healthy.


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