I’ve been thinking about this for a while and a conversation with my sister-in-law over the Thanksgiving holiday helped push me over the edge.

I’m ready to invest in a pair of Uggs. I’ve been looking for a warm boot that I can wear when it’s not snowing/slushy, but still keeps my feet warm, especially now that I’ve lost my close parking at work and have to walk a couple of blocks (just in time for winter!). I think these are just the ticket:

I’ve thought about purchasing something a little bit less expensive, but my sister-in-law encouraged me to learn from her mistakes. She’s purchased the inexpensive pairs and then finally a pair of Uggs and said they are definitely worth the extra money. I’ve heard lots of positive feedback, so I think they just might be worth the investment.


3 responses to “Contemplating”

  1. Susan Strauss says :

    I don’t know about the boots but I have a pair of Ugg bedroom slippers and they are the first thing I put on in the AM and the last thing I take off at night…plus the minute I walk into my home, I slip them on and don’t take them off unless I am going outside (and then sometimes I even leave them on). I think Uggs are well worth the investment. Enjoy your new boots.

  2. snarkatussin says :

    I have three different pairs of Uggs. They are truly the most comfortable and warm boot I own. I highly recommend spending the money for them — just make sure you waterproof them properly.

  3. Cindy says :

    I waited and waited and finally got a pair two years ago. Santa is bring me a pair this year, for the love of an Ugg. It is a pain to spend the cash, but worth it.

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