The Oswald Family Christmas Tree

I was beyond excited this week to go pick out our Christmas tree, almost like a five year old waiting for Santa to come. You see, this is the first time since we’ve had Zoey that we have gotten a Christmas tree. The last couple of years in the townhouse we decided it was just too small for a tree and a dog. Then, when we moved to the house we’re in now, we didn’t have furniture in the living room last year, so we opted not to get a tree. So this year, with new furniture in the living room and TWO Christmas parties we’re hosting, we had to have a tree.

We headed to Handley’s Holiday Tree Farm in Solon on Thursday afternoon. The weather was beautiful and the moment we pulled into the farm we knew this was the perfect place to get our tree. It reminded Josh of the tree farm he used to work at in junior high…right down to the nice older man who greeted us.

We headed out into the fields to find our perfect tree.

We couldn’t just pick the first nice one we saw, we walked back toward the end of the farm and there, at the end of the row, was our tree!

Since we don’t have kids, I made Zoey pose in front of the tree…such a good dog! It’s A LOT bigger in our house than what it looked like in the field…go figure.

More pictures to come of the decorated tree along with homemade tree skirt!

It’s beginning to look like Christmas at the Oswald’s!


One response to “The Oswald Family Christmas Tree”

  1. Karen says :

    You are right – it looks so big in your house!

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