Okay parents, I need your help.

Among all the preparations we need to do to the house, building a ‘toy box’ is one of them. It’s not really on the required checklist for home visits and I’m pretty sure we aren’t going to get denied because of it, but common sense tells me that if a foster child comes to our home they probably aren’t going to be bringing many items AND what I consider fun in our house isn’t really what a child would consider fun. So, we need to be prepared. . As part of the foster/adoptive application process, they do ask what ages we are willing to take…we said newborn to 12. Because we don’t know exactly the age or gender of the child(ren) we could potential welcome in our home, that’s quite a range of toys to prepare for.

I’ve got a few things on had just from having friend’s kids come over, but it’s mostly infant/toddler age items. If I could find some items that would span the ages even better. Legos and blocks are at the top of my list. I’m especially curious about older kiddos, it’s pretty easy for me to pick stuff out for infants  and toddlers, but I’m a little overwhelmed by the action figures, dolls, trains, etc. I just need the basics right now and can expand as children come into our home.

What are favorite toys in your house? What should I have on hand?


3 responses to “Toys!”

  1. Mama Oz says :

    I’ll just go with the 1st thing that comes to mind – BOOKS!

  2. Cindy says :

    Mama Oz, stole my answer. Books are a foundation and wonderful. Board Books will last forever and are available in a wide-range of age appropriate themes. A activity table (18×18 ish in size) can be handy…good for kids who can sit up, stand up, and walk around it. They are fairly small and easy to store and pull out in a pinch. We have some stacking/nesting blocks–about 12 so you can really stack them. (actually heavy duty card board) They have been a favorite of all our children–boys and girl or all ages. The brand doesn’t seem to be on them anywhere, but they aren’t hard to find. See & Say”thing” You know it has the arrow/dial and when you move the lever it makes an animal sound. I would strongly encourage you to check out a store like Stuff Etc. I will also keep you in mind every time we “cleanse” the toy room. Wink.

  3. Kelly says :

    Legos, coloring books (might I suggest “wonder colors”) and a pop – up tent and tunnel are all great things to have on hand. The tent will be great for toddlers – age 5-6ish? Garage sale season is ending, but start to watch Craiglist in April for some killer deals. And, if you get a child from infant – toddler age, let me know. You can definitey borrow some toys. Rotating toys always makes them brand new again! 😉

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