The Missing Coolers

Can’t believe I almost forgot to tell this story!

On Saturday after the game, we arrived at our tailgate spot to celebrate the victory, wait out the traffic and enjoy a beer. We walked over to where we had left our coolers only to find a pile of ketchup, mustard, dip, and sausages where our coolers should have been. Yep, that’s right, some very mean individuals loaded up our wheelie cooler with all the beer at our tailgate, left behind the condiments and water and took off. Of the two coolers that were stolen, one was Josh’s most prized possession…his ‘vintage’ Playmate cooler with the button on the side. (it also happens to have his name written on the top and bottom)

So upset by his loss, I headed to ebay in search of his ‘vintage’ Playmate with the side  button, found one and purchased it. I received a very happy text from Josh this afternoon…his cooler arrived today! I think it’s actually in better shape than the one that was stolen. And, it’s not really as ‘vintage’ as Josh thought it was.

We’ve  been leaving our coolers, grill and table out (but tucked next to our vehicles) for a few years now and this is the first time we’ve ever had an incident. Shame on us, for leaving our items out, but hard to believe a fellow fan would ransake our area. I guess we won’t be so trusting anymore.

PS – I just received word that Josh has already written his name on the handle.


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