Have you ever heard of a cuke?

Josh, my brother, and I were asked that very question by my stepdad last month while having dinner with he and my mom. This particular item was on a grocery list Mom had given him….he had no idea what this thing was let alone where it was located. Neither Josh or I could answer correctly and we thought it was a made up word…my  stepdad did too. I thought maybe he just couldn’t read her handwriting, but Mom assured me that was exactly what was written. Nick, of course, guessed correctly knowing exactly what Mom meant with her food lingo. Having NEVER seen or heard this nickname before outside of when my mother uses it and had a good laugh.

Well, she’s the one with the last laugh now.

I went to a Taste of Home Cooking School last week with some co-workers watching and listening as the demonstrator went through about 10 different fall recipes. We each received the ‘text book’ or magazine filled with the recipes she was demostrating and more. One of the recipes called for a ‘cuke’ and as the presenter was demonstrating how to cut and seed a it, I see this next to the recipe:

I about lost it in a quiet room filled with 500 people! This silly word does exist and is used by more people than just my mom. Mom does know what she’s talking about…she was right!

Did you know that cuke is short for cucumber?


3 responses to “Quiz”

  1. Cynthia says :

    Doesn’t everyone know what a cuke is? 😉

  2. Karen says :

    Of course I was right!!! 😉

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