Front Door Project

I’ve been wanting to paint our front door for quite a while, but needed a whole day to devote to the project. This last weekend was it.

Here’s the before:

I didn’t like the white because it showed every mark and dirt spot and it really stood out from the street and became the focal point.

Materials included: 1 quart of Lincoln Cottage Black Duramax Paint from Lowe’s, a small roller with pad designed for doors, and my edging brush.

With black paint it took four coats. I started at 9am and ended with the final coat at 4pm. Here are the first three coats:


The black door was the perfect backdrop for the second part of this project. Adding our house numbers to the door. Currently our house numbers are on the brick next to the garage, but at night, you can’t see the house numbers…even with the lights on. So I wanted large vinyl numbers on the door that would be visible from the street. I contacted my favorite copy center and graphic designer, Alphagraphics  and Cynthia in North Liberty. Installation was simple and easy:

The finished product turned out better than I expected AND you can see the numbers clearly from the street at night!

 This was a super inexpensive house project that added an amazing amount of impact. This has been by far my favorite house project…love it!





6 responses to “Front Door Project”

  1. Mama Oz says :

    Love it!

  2. Karen says :

    Looks terrific…and Josh did a wonderful job with the number installation!

  3. Jane Kirsch says :

    Nice job Jayne!

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