Weekend Wine Dinner

After the 5K the rest of the weekend was all about food. We had another one of our wine dinners where we cook amazing food and feature a different wine with each course. They have become almost a quarterly event with my mom, step-dad, brother, and Josh. In between we had a little fun shooting pool and playing games.


  1. Shrimp Cocktail with Sangria
  2. Yummy salsa w/ endive and crostini. Wine: Savingnon Blanc
  3. Artichoke dip Wine: mixed varietal white
  4. Mixed greens with strawberries, blue cheese, and candied pecans. Wine: white table wine.
  5. Sirloins, roasted vegetables, and Greek green beans. Wine: Cabernet Savingnon
  6. Butterscotch pudding with Heath bar crumbles and coffee

Counting glasses


Shrimp Cocktail

Josh loves his shrimp cocktail

Shooting some pool in between courses

Salsa with Endive

Grilling up the sirloins - Yummy!


3 responses to “Weekend Wine Dinner”

  1. Carol Klein says :

    Tasty menu – do have a few comments . . . .
    1. What is mixed varietal white wine?
    2. Even I, who will chow down on about anything, would have to be coaxed with more than white wine to eat mixed gtreens with strawberries and candid pecans.
    3. No wine will go with butterscotch pudding?
    4. Any suggestions on meal plans when your Mom visits us this week?

    Love, Grandma K.

    • The Oswald's says :

      Grandma- hope these are the answers you are looking for:
      1. A mixed varietal white wine is made up of several different white wine grapes…chardonny, pinot grigio, etc.
      2. I think we opted for coffee instead of alcohol…must be getting old or something! 🙂
      3. Mom’s a tough bird to cook for now that she’s on her restricted diet. Better consult her and then let me know what you make because she’s coming to my house the following weekend and I’m lost on what to make!

      • Carol Klein says :

        Thanks for the info.

        Different white wine grapes – ummmmm – could that be different left-over white wines?

        I’ve decided not to plan meals for your Mom – I’ll just let her rummage through the fridge and pantry. Then I’ll have what she’s having. Grandpa will probably want to go to eat.or order pizza.
        Grandma K.

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