Note: I’m not sure Bamboozled is a word and if it is, I don’ think I spelled it right!

I took to the outlet mall on Saturday with a friend hoping to catch a deal while taking advantage of the sunny afternoon. In one of the stores I spied these great Pyrex containers perfect for storing and re-heating leftovers. I love that the lid has a little venting hole perfect  for Josh as he only knows one power setting in the microwave, high, which usually leads to exploding food. Plus, since they are glass, there won’t be any of the ‘meltedish’ marks like the plastic containers eventually aquire.

I picked up a few to try out. As I was walking out of the store I glanced at my receipt and noticed a few more transactions than the three containers I picked up. Upon further examination I realized that I was charged for the lid AND the container…they weren’t sets at all as I was led to believe! It wasn’t like there was just one sample of each size with a lid on it, all containers available had the lids on them stacked up neatly on the shelves ready to be taken home. I contemplated going back and returning them just on principle, but I really did want to try them out. So, I’m opting to blog my frustration and possibly send a note to the company as well.

All in all it was a successful shopping trip, we both walked away with a few items, and had a relaxing afternoon.


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