Where do you put your dehumidifier?

They aren’t the prettiest things in the world and they make a lot of noise, but they are a definite must in Iowa. Right now I’ve got ours in the  basement with the hopes that it will work on the whole house…I do not want to move it into the living room/kitchen.

Eventually I would love to get the one that attaches to my heating/cooling system, but we’ve got other priorities right now (paying for knee surgery comes to mind!).

Do tell, where’s the best place for my hot mess?!


3 responses to “Question…”

  1. Alyssa says :

    I’ll never forget having to dump that thing every night. That was my job!! My mom keeps ours in the basement. 🙂

  2. buntens says :

    In our old house we kept our in the basement. Once the A/C is on for a few days it should help with the rest of the house.

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