Tough Choices

I need to pick out some curtains for our living room. We’ve got one window that is bare and the other is just begging me to remove the crappy metal blinds. I’ve been searching for something that doesn’t break the bank, are washable, and don’t show dog hair. The windows just so happen to be Zoey’s favorite spots in the house! I was pretty set on something lighter, maybe white with some pattern. Then Josh saw these blue curtains at Pottery Barn:

I was okay with them and so glad that Josh liked them. They would look good with some of the other accent colors I had in mind. But the more I think about them, the more they make me nervous. Are they too dark, make the room feel closed in and take away from the airy feel I was looking for?

So I continued looking and found these hotties at West Elm:

I think they are a good compromise. Light and airy like I want, but also dark enough to hide the dog hair. Plus, they are a few dollars cheaper!

What do you think…blue or pattern? Vote away!


7 responses to “Tough Choices”

  1. buntens says :

    You can pick out window treatments for my living room now! We don’t even have crappy metal blinds on them!

  2. buntens says :

    BTW: I vote for the pattern.

  3. Cindy Meis says :

    Love. LOve. love. the Navy. Clean, classic, and sturdy. Won’t be too dark, may actually find they pop with your light airy-ness. Navy. Navy. Navy. Just say’n.

  4. Deb says :

    #2 – Light and airy all the way!

  5. Kelly says :

    Love the pattern!

  6. Mary Jo says :

    Go with the ones from West Elm! They’re awesome.

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