Lesson Learned

She was right…my friend & co-worker mentioned before surgery that one of my weaknesses was not being able to accept help when offered, after I declined her offer to bring over a meal after surgery. After her polite and stern scolding, I reluctantly accepted her generous offer.

After thinking about it, I realized she is RIGHT! I love to lend a hand and am more than happy to help out a friend, make a family meal for someone, paint, babysit, and help out whenever someone asks…almost to a fault, because sometimes I can’t say no (but that’s another post!). But the minute anyone offers to help me, I quickly respond with something like, “oh no, I can take care of it myself.” Why? Because I feel guilty! I don’t want anyone to feel like they have to help me…I guess, if they didn’t want to help they wouldn’t offer!

Slowly, I’m working on overcoming this and it started with a baby step last week. Another friend of ours emailed to ask if they could bring over a meal. As I started typing those familiar old words,  I heard my friend say, “Jayne, accept the help!” I stopped, hit backspace, and re-typed:

“Thank you so much for thinking of us, a meal sounds wonderful and will be a huge relief for Josh who has picked up all of the household duties while I’m hobbling on one leg!”

High five to me! I still felt guilty, but kept thinking she wouldn’t offered if she didn’t want to do it!

On another note, we are so blessed with generous and thoughtful friends and family in our life. The outpouring of support, help, thoughts and prayers we have received the last couple of weeks has been so amazing.


One response to “Lesson Learned”

  1. jane says :

    Look at it this way, accepting help is exactly like accepting a gift. So do it graciously and with joy. Because that is what delights the giver!

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