Knee Update

I’m on day two of recovery and things are going well, I really getting used to my new ACL! The surgery went great, no surprises (I’ll share pictures soon!) and the grafting of the hamstring tendon was fine. There was some slight damage to the kneecap, but it should heal on its on. Once the nerve block wore off, the pain really kicked in, but I stayed on top of my other pain medication which was a huge help. Big activities for me include, getting up to use the restroom, brushing my teeth, and working on straightening & strengthening my knee with some exercises…it’s usually followed by ice and a nap! Stairs are still a little treacherous, but I did make it down to the dinner table last night!

My mom has been here the last couple of days, which has been a huge help. There are still some thing I can’t do on my own so I feel more comfortable knowing she’s here. Tomorrow I’ll be on my own though, but I should be okay hanging upstairs for the day if I have fluids and snacks in close reach. I’ve made really great progress each day and I expect it to get better and better.

My goal is to go to work on Monday…maybe just for half a day.


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