Losing Steam

Since finding out my surgery date, I instantly created a to-do list of things I needed (I use the term loosely!) to get done. With just 12 days to go until the surgery I’m losing steam. I started out strong, but I might not finish.

  • Paint the kitchen and living room: kitchen is done, living room is mostly done, but I need a helper to finish the rest (extension ladder) and I’m not sure my helper (Josh) is willing
  • Chalkboard wall: DONE!
  • Meals in the freezer: none yet, but I’ve got 2 meals on the schedule to freeze.
  • Clean: nothing done yet…this is the hardest one!
  • Spring gift buying: DONE! Well 90% done, but the rest I can finish via the internet.
  • Stock up on staples: toilet paper, toiletries, and laundry detergent are done. I need go through the pantry.

Lets hope I can push through and work hard through the home stretch otherwise it’s a dirty house and Chef Boyardee for a while!


One response to “Losing Steam”

  1. buntens says :

    I’m looking at my calendar…I’ll be free the afternoon of Sunday, the 27th to help you paint (with an extension ladder). I’m getting to be quite a pro at it! Also, my cooking club recipe says it makes TWO 9×13 casseroles. I was only going to make 1 but if you think Josh will like it, I’ll gladly make two!

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