Chalkboard Project

My chalkboard wall is complete! As promised, here are the photos:

It was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be and I would highly recommend it to everyone! Here are a few tips I have if you decide to tackle this project:

1. one quart of paint goes a LONG way. I purchased one quart and didn’t even use half of it. I’m happy to Pay It Forward with my quart of paint and pass it along to anyone interested in a chalkboard wall.

2. Use a painting pad for a completely smooth finish. A brush will leave brush strokes (I did use a brush for the edges and touch-up) and a roller will leave orange peel looking marks.

3. If you paint a cabinet or door, rough up the surface with some sandpaper and wipe clean before painting. I had some paint peeling issues when I removed the tape and I think it was because I didn’t rough up the surface enough.

4. Do more than two coats. I did three and according to Josh it’s just like a real chalkboard. I read on the internet of people doing four coats. Wait a couple of hours between coats. The paint can (Valspar) said wait 24 hours between coats but I thought that was kind of silly.

5. After you finish the last coat, remove tape and do any touch-ups. Then, let ‘cure’ for a couple days.

PS- the smiley face is kinda creepy…sorry!


5 responses to “Chalkboard Project”

  1. Kelly says :

    Very cool!!! I wonder if I should do something like this for the “kids?” That would be so cool! (However, I don’t want them to think that they get to draw on ANY wall!)

  2. Diane Roethler says :

    Turned out great! We thought of doing something like this for the girls once we find our new house. Thanks for the tips!

  3. Cindy says :

    Looks great Jayne and really adds some interest to that cabinet

  4. Jane Kirsch says :

    Thats cool Jayne!

  5. Amy @ The Health Diary says :

    I LOVE this! It looks so cute and I never thought to put it on a door or cupboard. I have just the spot for it, too. Thanks for the idea and inspiration!

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