Furniture Shopping Tips

Josh and I are on the hunt for a loveseat for our living room (insert squeels of excitement from me!). This is really the first time we’ve bought a new piece of furniture and if I’m going to be spending a significant amount of money I want to get something I love that is also comfortable and will last a long time.

The first thing I’ve done is actually masking tape out the size of sofa I think will fit in the space to help narrow down the search and also make sure we don’t buy something that’s too big for the living room. Josh laughed at me for this, I think it’s a great idea. I also know I won’t be buying anything sight unseen…I need to test drive it before throwing down the cash.

We’re just in the beginning stages of shopping around so I’m hoping you all have some good tips & advice for this novice furniture buyer! Do you purchase the additional leather or fabric protection, can I ‘wheel and deal’ on price and try to purchase the floor sample? Are there things to stay away from?


3 responses to “Furniture Shopping Tips”

  1. Kelly says :

    Have fun!!! Taping out the space is a GREAT idea. Be sure to measure everything before you head to the stores. All furniture looks like it “will fit” in your space when they are sitting in the show rooms. Definitely take a trip to Homemakers in Des Moines! That’s where we got our basement furniture!

  2. Nick says :

    If you see a sofa you like, but dont like the fabric, they can swap any fabric you like!
    I agree Homemakers is a good place. And YES, wheel and deal just like you are buying a car! It works!

  3. Mike says :

    The only thing I regret about my new couch is the height of the armrests – they tend to wall off the room and obstruct TV-viewing a bit. Just my 2 cents!

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