The Diagnosis

Yesterday I got the official diagnosis from an Orthopedic doctor…I tore my ACL! The ACL is one of four important ligaments that connect the bone to the knee joint. The ACL provides stability for the knee and also reduces stress on the knee joint.

When I looked at mine on the MRI it was completely destroyed, no solid line, just a bunch of mush. Thankfully, none of the ‘padding’ (meniscus) was damaged which is a very good thing.

So, surgery is scheduled for late February to re-make the ACL using one of my own tendons. I am currently in physical therapy to regain range of motion and ‘normal’ walking before the surgery. Strange, I know, but the say that if you aren’t back to normal by the surgery then the surgery you will make you worse off…that is, after the surgery I will never have full range of motion or be able to be as physically active. They are building me up to break me down! I could get by without the surgery, I will just never be as physically active as I want to be and I would be more susceptible to arthritis. So the benefits definitely out-way the risks.

It feels great to be almost back to normal and walking. Now I just have to get used to flats for quite a while. There will be no heals for quite a while, no running for 5 months after surgery and no volleyball for the rest of 2011! I’m sad that I have to put one of my goals on hold for this year and be away from volleyball, but it is worth it in the end.


One response to “The Diagnosis”

  1. Mama Oz says :

    Hang in there Jayne, you’re doing great. The tough challenges in life, such as this one, make us stronger. And the source of that strength, not of our own making, will give you comfort.

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