Crutch Chic!

Trying to figure out what to wear with a leg immobilizer and crutches has been a bit of a challenge. Quite a bit of my wardrobe is made up of long pants that require high heels, which definitely don’t work with crutches.

Well, I had an epiphany a couple days ago and the perfect outfit came to me. A dress with leggings! It’s really quite perfect. The dress hides the not so attractive leg brace, the leggings make it easy to wear the brace (no bulky clothing strapped inside the the brace), and I can wear any shoes I want or can get on.

Sadly, I was unable to capture my look, but I’m on the hunt this weekend for another dress that I can wear with leggings. Here’s the dress I wore with charcoal colored leggings, gold ballet flats, and a jade green scarf:

From Shade Clothing

I’ll probably wear this or something similar to church on Sunday and will make sure to get Josh to capture the look!


2 responses to “Crutch Chic!”

  1. Amy @ The Health Diary says :

    While I’m sure the crutches totally bite, I bet you looked adorable with your dress and leggings. Hope your knee heals up soon!

  2. Nick says :

    Who cares about hiding the brace. You’re limping around with cruthces….people know….lol

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