These babies are my newest accessory!

I had a small accident playing volleyball on Sunday…as I fell I heard quite the ‘crunch’ and instant pain in my right knee. Through rain, sleet, and snow Josh drove me to the doctor, the hospital for x-rays, and to Walgreens on Monday afternoon. I’m now trying to get used to a leg immobilizer, crutches, and just not being as mobile as I’m used to. That means no driving!

Still waiting for the results of the x-ray, but the good news is that the ligaments are intact, but still not sure exactly what the issue is…could be a simple sprain or something to do with the meniscus. I won’t be playing volleyball or doing any running in the near future!

Josh has been awesome. In addition to driving me all over creation yesterday, he did the laundry, made all my meals, and made sure I was comfortable. Today I’m just laying low at home and tomorrow I’ll head back to work.


3 responses to “Ouch!”

  1. Alyssa says :

    Oh no! I hope it isn’t too serious! You can’t mess around with knee injuries… I’ve been there! Be careful and listen to your doctor. 🙂

  2. Nick says :

    Hang in there! Atleast its not Sunny & 70…

  3. buntens says :

    What the heck. How long does it take to read a stinkin’ x-ray? Geez. Hope your day back at work tomorrow goes well!

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