Fun Gift

When Josh and I got home yesterday afternoon we had a fun surprise waiting on our doorstep…

The Green Family!

We received a few members of the Green Family line of Earth-friendly kitchen utensils from our favorite Portland friends. We got Marshall Masher, Brandon the vegetable peeler, and Pepper pizza cutter.

My favorite, though, are the descriptions that come with the utensil.

  • Marshall Masher: Marshall’s Russetfarian band, MG & thе Yukon Gold, always brings thе party wіth thеіr head-banging funk. Whіlе hе іѕ grеаt wіth thе tots, Marshall саn handle even thе toughest spuds whеn hе needs tο.
  • Pepper Green: A bit of a worrier. Sometimes he goes a little daffy, but when it’s time to perform, he brings his A-game: thick crust or thin, he always cuts clean.
  • Brandon Green: Brandon Green isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, but give him a peel-related task and he gets it done. Potatoes, carrots, zucchini, apples? Done. Mango? No problem. Butternut squash? Are you even trying to stump him?

Check out Amazon for the other ‘family members!’ What a fun gift!


2 responses to “Fun Gift”

  1. JT says :

    Obviously that was all Becky, but we’re both glad you like them! We missed you guys over Christmas… hope all is well!

  2. buntens says :

    How funny. I saw those in the store a week or so ago and I thought they would make a great gift for you!

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