A few of my baking essentials

The most baking I do (as with everyone else!) is at Christmastime when I spend pretty much the entire weekend in the kitchen. It reminders me how much I love these goodies:

Silpat Baking Mat

I have a small confession on the Silpat…for the longest time I swore by my Pampered Chef baking stone. I baked ALL my cookies on that stone. Then my brother got my a Silpat Mat for Christmas, I used it once as a back-up and it has now become my first choice!

Do I even need to say this?!

I can’t live without my stand mixer…if mine ever dies, I will immediately head to the store and purchase #2.

Williams Sonoma Spatulas

I know, you can get spatulas anywhere, but I love, Love, LOVE the spatulas from Williams Sonoma!

Microplane Zester

Cooling Rack

I love these cooling racks because of the grid pattern. Silly I know, but think about it…If you just had the grids going one way, warm cookies would fall through (I know, it’s happened!). Nothing falls through, except for crumbs, on this baby! Cookies, breads, and more!

All of my favorites can be found at my favorite kitchen store, Williams Sonoma, or just about any store that sells kitchen products.


4 responses to “A few of my baking essentials”

  1. buntens says :

    I have all of the same items and agree with you! Just made chocolate chip cookies today but the cooling racks are the best! Used to be a parchment paper user but now that I have silpat-ish mats I use them instead! The only thing that was missing from your baking today was your friend, CB! 😦

  2. Diane Roethler says :

    Another tip for your grid cooling rack. Put it over a pan of brownies before dusting it with powdered sugar and you’ll get the grid pattern on your brownies. You can also put it over a bowl of popcorn and invert it to shake out the kernels before making popcorn balls. Just a few helpful hints from your friendly former Pampered Chef rep 🙂

  3. Nick says :

    Silpats are AMAZING! And so is your brother!

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