I need your help

I’m stuck and I don’t get stumped very easily when it comes to gift giving, but this one’s got me good.

I need some gift ideas for Josh’s new assistant. I’ve never met her, but do know that she doesn’t cook or bake. I thought about jewelry, but that might be a little weird since her boss is a guy.

This is the one idea I did have, but Josh wasn’t too excited about it. It’s a glass bowl in the shape of an open ziploc bag! ( would fill it with candy too)

Help, please! Any and all ideas a greatly appreciated.


8 responses to “I need your help”

  1. Alyssa says :

    That is so cute! I would go generic with a gift card. I know that I always appreciate them!

  2. Kelly says :

    I can’t get over the fact that Josh has an assistant!!!!!!!!! Love the bowl!

  3. Cynthia says :

    That bowl is super cute!

  4. Cindy says :

    First. Love. Love. Love the bowl. But, to make things easy for yourself and future years. Go with a nice gift (Von Maur, Target, Atlas) card (every year), she will come to expect it and there is no pressure year after year to come up with something cute, fabulous, unique, and wonderful. It’s like having an aunt who always sends you $20 for your birthday and you get to use it for something you’ve been wanting. And it will help you always stay within budget–Josh will like that.

  5. Josh says :

    May I just say publicly that Cindy is my new best friend?



  6. Karen says :

    I love the bowl and candy idea….it is so cute!

  7. The Oswald's says :

    Thanks for your help everyone, great ideas! Sounds like the gift certificate is the way to go…I did order the bowl, though. Future gift for a lucky someone or I may just keep it for myself!!

  8. Cindy says :

    Keep if for yourself, it’s too cute to give away.

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