Congrats Josh!

Josh doesn’t really like to ‘toot his own horn’ but I couldn’t let this great accomplishment go unnoticed!

Josh is an active member of NAIFA, National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors, here in Iowa. He’s on the local and state boards, has spent time in Des Moines lobbying for insurance laws, and was most recently invited to participate in their annual LILI Class…Leadership in Life Institute. LILI is a six month leadership development course designed to develop leaders through personal and professional growth and also the development of skills necessary for leadership.

Throughout the sixth months, Josh read numerous leadership books, watched movies (like October Sky, Apollo 13, Radio, and Miracle), and wrote his euology. His most prized accomplishment though was the business plan he wrote. It received rave reviews by his peers who even used his plan as a model for their own.

He graduated and celebrated with his class last week with dinner in Waterloo at Galleria De Paco.

Congrats honey, on your great accomplishment, I’m so proud of you!


6 responses to “Congrats Josh!”

  1. Tom says :

    Beside every good man stands a good woman. Congrats Josh.

  2. Mama Oz says :

    Congrats Josh!!!

  3. Josh says :

    Good job Josh. Good sacrifice Jayne.

    • The Oswald's says :

      Thanks Josh A., but you give me too much credit…there was no sacrifice on my part! If anything I benefited because I got control of the remote while he was reading/writing!

  4. Karen says :

    Nicely done, Josh!

  5. Nick says :

    Kudos good sir!

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