Card Party

We hosted a card party at our house last night with a great mix of 10 people and had a blast. The game is Pepper, which is similar to Euchre, and we rotate partners and tables throughout the night, keeping track of your own score.

What game wouldn’t be complete without prizes?! The guy and the girl with the low score picks their prizes first, then the next person can steal or pick a new prize, and the winners pick last. The night ended just after the clock struck midnight.


As Josh was cleaning up this morning and taking the tabs off the beer cans he said,”We really just had a fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House!” Too funny.




3 responses to “Card Party”

  1. unc'tj says :

    Jayne, You stated there were 10 people at your card party. As you know, the person who should have been #10 was in abstentia (look it up, Josh). Either a fine compliment to the missing player or you counted Miss Zoey as #10.

  2. Nick says :

    Kudos to you guys for donating to a good cause!

  3. Tom says :

    notice that all the dead soldiers are lined up neatly AND all are facing the same direction. I feel for ya Jayne, it ain’t my fault.

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