Typical Josh

For those that know Josh, this won’t surprise you and for those that don’t, here’s a little taste of my man.

Let me set the stage: he hates spending money ESPECIALLY on clothes for himself. Typical Financial Advisor, I guess. So he doesn’t tell me he needs anything until I notice that his undershirts have holes in them, or he blows the elbow out of a dress shirt, or he starts throwing away socks or boxers, etc.

This morning as we sat in church listening to the sermon I look over and see Josh’s shoes, the sole specifically, as it rests on his knee. The soles of his shoes are split showing the bottom of the shoe (at least I couldn’t see his sock through!)…I look over at him in horror!

Jayne: “why didn’t you tell me you needed new shoes?!”

Josh: “I just did.”

Gotta love the man.


5 responses to “Typical Josh”

  1. Tom says :

    My Son!!! He has no sole.

  2. Mama Oz says :


  3. bagolitasblog says :

    I have a pair of shoes with a cracked sole…I just can’t throw them away and am too cheap to spend the money on a new pair.

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