Dog Anxiety

We’ve battled doggie anxiety since we’ve had our Miss Zoey…that’s just who she is. See previous post for the effects of doggie anxiety. While Josh was picking up Zoey at her most recent stay at Doggy Daycare (Just Dogs Playcare…the best place to board your dog, hands down!), he saw this in the pet supply area:

The Thundershirt!

Apparently, the constant pressure the Thundershirt provides has a dramatic calming effect on dogs. It’s that simple I guess, but it does have a money back guarantee. This just may be Zoey’s Christmas gift!


3 responses to “Dog Anxiety”

  1. Kelly says :

    This sounds just like the weighted blankets you can buy for autistic kids. It makes them calm because of the pressure. Maybe Zoey has autism?……*chirp chirp*

  2. unc'tj says :

    Wrap Zoey in swaddling clothes just like in the Bible. I think going retro using old bed sheets is way cooler. Or the fact that she is a Lab, put her in chest waders in the bathtub full of water. Jayne, your dad knows that will give her full-body compression that feels real comfortable.

  3. swallio says :

    Our friend who is a vet tech saw Thundershirts at a conference she went to. She got one for another friend whose dog freaks out during storms – apparently the Thundershirt made an improvement! It’s worth a try!

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